Not Fair, My Lady!

By Colleen Somerville Productions

Created by Shanan Custer, Anita Ruth, Colleen Somerville

Not Fair, My Lady! is an all-woman, company-created musical theatre parody review! It's 2018 and misogyny is alive and well on Broadway. And in the world. Everywhere. Let's...sing about it! Shit.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Cast and Crew
Colleen Somerville
Colleen is beyond thrilled to be producing and creating for the first time with NFML! Since moving to the Twin Cities in 2005 from Ohio, she has performed with various companies around town including The Ordway, Artistry, The Guthrie and The Flying Foot Forum. She would say it's a tie between Maureen (RENT) and The Baker's Wife (Into the Woods) for her favorite empowered lady roles thus far, with Lucy Van Pelt (You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown) in a close second. She dedicates this to all the kick-ass women in her life.
Courtney Miner
Courtney Miner is excited to be back at the Fringe with this cast and crew of nasty women. In years past, you might have seen her around town playing little girls in musicals (Little Red, Sally Brown, Little Sally, Alice in Wonderland...there's a theme). Lately she's been focusing on her long-standing career in digital project management (like stage management, but for making websites instead of plays) at Clockwork. This one goes out to all of my heart women and all of the rad, fierce feminists in my life.
Falicia Nichole
Falicia is thrilled to be able to work alongside such wonderful and inspiring women for this production (she just wishes the theatrical world felt the same. Seriously. Throw us a bone here.) This is her third Fringe performance. Her most recent roles include Lina Lamont at University of Northwestern’s Singing in the Rain. LeBrun in Abby Day’s Lettres et Café and FrouFrou in Flying Foot Forum’s French Twist! Thanks for coming out and enjoy the show! Soli Deo Gloria.
Kecia Beth Stimmler Rehkamp
Kecia is thrilled to be back creating in the theatre world again after being away for so long. She has been alive and well and working in the corporate world, while supplementing her creativity by costume designing for Tartan HS for the last 7 years. She has been an actor, on and off, for many years and graduated from UMD-Duluth. Her favorite roles have include Bret in Calvin Berger, Sally in Cabaret and Sylvia in Sylvia where she played a dog....that’s right a dog, that her “master” seemed to be in love with instead of his wife. Yea. This group of talented women has inspired her greatly and she is so thankful to be a part of this show!
Marcie Panian
Marcie has been involved in the Twin Cities musical theater world for a hell of a long time. It has not, however, been hell but pure joy to grow and live in this vibrant community. She is super thrilled to be a part of NFML!! Working with this fantastic production staff has been an honor. She thanks the smart and talented young women with whom she gets to share the stage for helping her to stay current and grow. Cause, dammit, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
Rue Norman
“Tukusanyukidde!" This means hello/welcome in Uganda, a country I am proud to represent. I’m Rue Norman and I will be entering my senior year studying Theatre at University of Northwestern. You must know that at my core I am a goofball. I try to keep my eyes wide and imagination churning. I have a deep passion for storytelling and various forms of self-expression. I’m so thankful for all of you brave souls who are supporting the arts. I unashamedly follow Jesus and am inspired by Him every day. It is SO MUCH FUN working with the women of NFML!! You can find me next on stage at UNW as Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” Sep. 6th-15th.
Suzie Juul
This is Suzie’s third Fringe show and she couldn’t be happier to share this process with a team comprised entirely of strong, smart, and hilarious women. Some of her favorite roles include Polly Peachum, Threepenny Opera (Frank Theatre), Hope Caldwell, Urinetown (Normandale College), Cunegonde, Candide (The Artistry), and Kate/Mabel’s U/S, Pirates of Penzance (Ordway Center). Suzie urges you to support shows with strong female characters!
Anita Ruth
Anita Ruth has had the great good fortune to do all the Carousels, My Fair Ladys and Kiss Me Kates that she could ever want to do. She looks forward to seeing what this new generation brings forth.
Jaclyn Schwartz
Music Director/Pianist
Jaclyn is a music director, accompanist, and piano teacher in the Twin Cities. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from St. Olaf College and Master of Music degree from the U of MN. Most recent projects include “Lion King Kids” with Lakeshore Players Theatre and “Legally Blonde” with Artistry. Jaclyn’s other interests include: yoga, spending time outside, and growing a human. She is thrilled to be playing for “Not Fair, My Lady” as her Fringe Festival debut.
Nicole Wilder
Nicole Wilder is a local theatre professional and musician, working with companies like 20% Theatre Company and Freshwater Theater, as well a ton of local bands like Daisy & Hubert, Fred Savage and the Unbeatables, The Time Lords, Maple and Beech, and pretty much anyone else who asks her to sing. She received her MA in Directing with a concentration in Women's Studies in 2008, so this show is pretty much her dream-come-true project. Catch her next all-women extravaganza this October when she directs Freshwater's Preferred by Discreet Women Everywhere.
Rachel Flynn
Stage Manager
Rachel Flynn (stage manager) has worked in various capacities on stage and behind the scenes with numerous Twin Cities theatre companies. Performance highlights include Little Lifeboats: Sing to Me Now, Theatre Pro Rata: Knight of the Burning Pestle, Swandive Theatre: Almost, Maine, 20% Theatre Company: Anon, and Theatre in the Round Players: Independence. She is a company member of Freshwater Theatre where she has been seen in Table 12, Mrs. Charles, Better (or) Worse (writer & performer), and Dirty Girls Come Clean – A Festival among others. Rachel has also performed in more than a dozen Minnesota Fringe Festival shows; favorites include Themselves They Made Immaculate (2017), Good Friday with Dillinger and It Is So Ordered: The Supreme Court's Greatest Hits (2016), Turn Signals  (2013), Knit One, Purl the Other (2011), Wonderland (2006), and Postcards from the Corn Palace (2002). She is immeasurably excited to be working with this amazing cast and creative team for her 15th Fringe show!
Shanan Custer
Shanan Custer is half of 2 Sugars Show (with Carolyn Pool) that includes their Ivey Award winning show 2 Sugars, Room for Cream, their Park Square season opener Sometimes There’s Wine (opens September 21) and—coming soon—Bad Things, Good Whiskey.Shanan is performing at the Rarig Thrust this Fringe in Couple Fight: The Musical, Our Best Life (with Emily Schmidt) and with the Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society where she helps fight (the very first) Nazis! Also check out Right, Wrong or Bomb: A Dating Musical also playing at Mixed Blood! Also thanks for reading this all the way to the end!
More Information

The cast and crew of Not Fair, My Lady! owes a debt of gratitude to the #metoo movement, to the women (and men) who shared their frustrations and their pain one by one until the chorus of voices was simply too loud to ignore anymore. We thank you and we stand on your shoulders as we continue to point out the injustices that plague so many corners of so many things that we love, including musical theatre. 

Inspired by the #metoo movement, along with the fact that three very misogynistic musicals are opening on Broadway this season, the creators decided to write a series of scenes and sketches parodying famous musical theatre songs and situations to comment on sexism in the biz. This basic idea grew and flexed throughout the creation and rehearsal process, incorporating not just the basic premises of some of the shows we all grew up loving (or hating to love), but also the real-world stories of the cast and crew--from the discriminatory challenges hidden in casting calls all the way to visions of what musical theatre could become if only we listened to the voices of everyone in the room.  

Thank you for coming to see us. 

Oh, and smash the patriarchy.

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