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Astronaut Cassie Matheson is in orbit, and she's doomed. With nothing left to lose, she discovers there is nothing to hold her back... except the sister who won't let her go.
Adult language,Violence,Flashing lights,Loud noises
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Cast and Crew
Becky Wilkinson Hauser
Becky Wilkinson Hauser is originally from Minnesota and landed happily back in Twin Cities after studying at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI and living in Chicago, IL. Locally, she’s known as a member of the three-human improv and sketch comedy trio,Ladyfriend and as a performer at HUGE Theater in Uptown. Geminae is the first show that she’s directed and the third show she’s worked on as a part of the MN Fringe Festival. In 2017, she was Tess inThe Last Bombardment, her first project with Oncoming Productions.
Erik Ostrom
Composer and Live Musician
This is Erik's third project with Oncoming Productions, after The Last Bombardment (Fringe 2017) and Oncoming Productions Ruins Christmas (at Strike Theater). He also created a new score for Loom Lab's Persephone this Spring. He can occasionally be found performing background music as Zonky Flay, foreground music withAll the Books in the Library, and longform improv theater at HUGE Theater and all around town.
Mallory Dillon
Set and Props Designer
Mallory studied architecture at North Dakota State University where she also had her first set design opportunity with Little Country Theatre’s Proof. Other work as a designer includes:The Heidi Chronicles and The Grand Tarot (Stella Adler Studio of Acting),Sympathetic Magic (Ailanthus Theatre Company) and previous Oncoming Productions shows Promiscuous Fiction andThe Last Bombardment. She is thrilled that there are no balloons in this year’s show, and that the biggest obstacle was just gravity.
Meghan Wolff
Costume Designer
Meghan Wolff is an improviser and improv director best known for her duo Juliet & Juliet, which has been a guest of eight festivals across the US and Canada, andManners & Misconduct: Improvised Jane Austen. She also performs with ComedySportz Twin Cities and at HUGE Theater. She's thrilled to be costuming another Oncoming Productions Fringe show.
Brad Hauser
Science Advisor/Set Engineer
Bryce Kalal
Stage Manager
Bryce is returning to the role of Stage Manager for the third Oncoming Productions original piece, following 2015's The Deep Dark, and 2017'sThe Last Bombardment. He is an active long-form improvisor, and rock music one-man-band. You can see him on stage at HUGE Improv Theater in Super Showdown (Saturdays in July & August), andKa-Baam! The Improvised Comic Book (Saturdays in September & October). His latest music can be found
Sean Dillon
Sean is the founder of Oncoming Productions, for which he has directed Promiscuous Fiction, The Deep Dark,The Last Bombardment, andOncoming Productions Ruins Christmas. He is thrilled to hand off the reins to director Becky Hauser and focus on performing. Locally, Sean has also appeared with History Theater, Savage Umbrella, Actors Theater of MN, Science Museum of MN, The Playwrights Center, and others, and is proud to teach, produce, and perform unscripted theater at HUGE Improv Theater. He can be seen performing there as half of Dilly Dally on Fridays through August.
Emily Lindholm
Emily is an improviser and comedy writer by night and an assistant recruiter by day. Locally, Emily has written for and appeared in many sketches for Minnesota Tonight (thinkThe Daily Show, but for Minnesota), and regularly improvises with groups including jorts!,TRASH, Attenborough: The Improvised Nature Documentary, and others. This is her first Fringe show and she is quite excited about it.
Erik Nielsen
Erik is a performing cast member with Oncoming Productions, and is thrilled to return to Fringe to presentGeminae. His previous work with Oncoming Productions includes The Deep Dark,The Last Bombardment, and Oncoming Productions Ruins Christmas. He performs and teaches improv comedy at HUGE Theater.
Victoria Pyan
Victoria is a company member of Oncoming Productions for which she has appeared on stage in; The Deep Dark,The Last Bombardment and Oncoming Productions Ruins Christmas. She is a fringe veteran having also worked on; Two Jokes One Act,Fringe Orphans, and After Life. Locally, Victoria has also appeared with Market Garden Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata, Theatre Unbound and Frank Theatre. She is a founding member of Little Lifeboats where she has worked on; Sing to Me Now,TEASE, Raise Your Voice (Suzanne Cross), That F--king Harriet Tubman Show,I Never Eat December Snowflakes, Confessions of a Butter Princess andParhelion. You can catch her onstage this fall with Freshwater Theatre.
Gurayn Sylte
Gurayn is delighted to be in her first role with Oncoming Productions! Her previous Fringe Festival performances include being a nudist in Fashion Risk or the Accidental Nudist by Natalie Rae Wass (2013), and performing with Wayward Theater in Kaleidoscope (2016). When she is lucky, she also enjoys performing long-form improv at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis.
Rob Ward
Rob Ward is a performer and Oncoming Productions board member. With Oncoming Productions, Rob has acted and devised in The Last Bombardment,Oncoming Productions Ruins Christmas, and The Deep Dark. In the Twin Cities, Rob has performed with DayTrippers Theatre, Vintage Players, Beta Fish Productions, Shadow Horse Theater, Actors Theater of MN, Erin Sheppard Presents, Guittar Productions and Upright Egg. Rob is also an improviser who has appeared in Off Book and is a founding member of the long form improv troupe Reservoir Frogs.
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Up-and-coming horror theater company Oncoming Productions (The Deep Dark,The Last Bombardment) turns its sights to the stars with Geminae, the story of an astronaut in orbit, her sister on the ground, and the dangerously unbreakable bond between them. This collaboratively-developed production brings together a taut, chilling narrative, a live musical score, and a highly physical take on the weightlessness and isolation of space.

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